Roadrunner First Responder

Roadrunner, our First Responder, provides preliminary life-saving first-aid treatment till the patient gets advanced medical attention. First Responders provide affordable, innovative transportation solutions to the medical community.


? Ergonomically designed interiors with optimal lighting (roof lights, handheld light etc.) ? Mulitple control for heater or A/C systems as per treatment/patient care requirements (with prewiring for inverter) ? Dual protection with inside/outside locking latches for the double doors ? One row of LED / Halogen fluroscent, dome lighting in interior ceiling with dimmer ? Advanced control with separate front and rear OEM console for power distribution to emergency lights points and sirens ? Hand-held spotlight with momentary switch, hard wired, to driver's seat base with alrenate option of mounting location ? 200-watt electronic siren with Microphone located in front console and 2 nos. of 100-watt speaker mounted under front bumper ? Modular equipment paneling ? High end Body graphics designing and painting of ambulance (including frosted Windows)

Basic Vechicle

? Chassis / Car: Toyota Landcruiser, Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon etc. ? Drive System: 4×2 or 4×4 ? Fuel type: Diesel / Gasoline ? Cab Style: Standard Cab ? Driver?s cab: Standard cab, air-conditioned ? Transmission: Automatic ? Wheelbase: Standard or Extended Wheelbase ? Compartment Doors: Side Entry Door, Rear Entry Door, Electric door locks on all doors with remote switch Warning system ? Front light bar ? 2 x beacon lights at rear ? 2 turn lights mounted on intermediate side of body ? Flashers ? 2 Grill Lights ? Intersection Lights ? Warning Lights ? Load/Backup Lights ? Siren and Siren Speakers Oxygen System ? D / F Size Oxygen Cylinder with regulator ? One Oxygen Outlets including flow meter and humidifier in action area Standard Equipments Medical ? Roll-in Cot main Stretcher (Manual or Auto loading) ? Foldable secondary stretcher ? Resuscitator Adult with Overpressure Valve ? Cervical Collar different size (set of 6) ? Dual Head Stethoscope ? Wall-Mounted Sphygmomanometer ? Portable O2 Cylinder ? D Size with regulator ? Head Immobilizer ? First Aid Kit Others ? Squad Bench ? IV holders and hooks – Dual-bottle, swing down style ? Assist Rail Grab Handles ? Left side CPR seat or full wall cabinetry ? Power Distribution and Control Centre ? Fire extinguishers with holder ? Jumbo blower exhaust fan Optional Medical Equipment ? Portable Suction Unit ? Scoop Stretcher ? Spine Board with restraint set ? Traction Devices ? Extrication Devices

Body Features

1. Ceiling: Made of ABS sheet with foam insulation. 2. Interior Lights: 2 units Twin tube fluorescent lamps 16 watts recessed mounting on the ceiling. 3. Hand Rail: Made of 1? stainless tube mounted on the ceiling. 4. IV Holder: Foldable IV Holder mounted on the ceiling. One (1) over the main patient area and one (1) over the Squad Bench. 5. Air Condition: Additional A/C evaporator for the patient area. 6. Flooring: Made of marine plywood covered with heavy duty vinyl flooring, 5cm. rolled up on the sides with aluminum trim. 7. Partition wall: Made of ABS sheet with foam insulation. 8. Cabinetry: Made of Aluminum bended sheet with aluminum profile for the clear acrylic sheet sliding cover with continues handle Powder coat finished. 9. Cabinets: With aluminum profile sliding frame and with 5mm. transparent solar bronze polycarbonate with edge handle. 10. Action Area: Placed along with the cabinetry, on the right side of the Patient Stretcher. 11. Control Switches: Placed on the Action Area and Consul Box at the Driver?s Cabin 12. Folding Stretcher Compartment: Placed along with the cabinetry, on the rear entrance portion of the vehicle with belts to secure the folding stretcher 13. Squad Bench: Made of Aluminum sheet fabricated with upholstery and backrest with safety belts underneath is a compartment tools and medical equipment. With gas prop to hold the top cover. Powder coat finished.