ROFI LES TENT A lightweight tent offering high comfort in all weather conditions

The ROFI LES tent is designed for tropic and arctic climatic conditions, from ? 32 to 49?C.


? Double layer fabric for good insulation and integrated floor in the living quarters ? 2 zip doors to entrance and storage section ? Flysheet ? Main quarters separated by separation wall: sleeping compartment/living room ? Protects against surface water and reptiles/ bugs. ? Short setup time ? Simple erection with minimum of manpower ? no special tools required ? Simple maintenance in field operations ? Windows and roof vents with mosquito and curtain, allowing natural ventilation

ROFI LES for arctic climate

The records from the tests demonstrate that in tents fitted with RIS (ROFI Insulation System), the temperature increases and remains at a level approx. 50% higher than in tents without this insulation system. Accordingly the need for heating capacity is significantly reduced. Calculation that has been done gives us the same affect in warm climates, with reduced need for air conditioning. ROFI LES is available from stock around the world and RIS can quickly be produced and delivered on order.


? Accommodation ? Staff/ office tent ? Small medical unit